Take sport outfit and changeable footwear. Use over 30 belay equipment  or try to prove yourself on bouldering. You will see if this sport is for you. The only cost is the entrance ticket (without time limit) and necessary equipment (if you need you can rent it at the centre).


If you do not need the supervision of the instructor- you don’t have to book the place. Nevertheless if you come to us for the first time or if it is your first time to be at the climbing centre generally, please talk to our staff. They will show you how to move freely around the facility, help you to put on the climbing harness or explain how to use the belay equipment safely. We are open everyday from 10.00 a.m. to 11.p.m.

Comfortable clothes and changeable footwear (as for the gym) are fair enough. If you forget about your shoes you can rent them at the centre.

There is no age limit if the child is under your supervision. The instructors cooperate with children from the age of 6, and the harness you can rent at the centre is suitable for children of the height of 120 cm and more.