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If you want to start your adventure with climbing you are at the right place! Here you can find over 30 stations, where you can climb owing to the auto belay devices (TruBlue). The climbing routes are diverse if means of levels of difficulties, which results in long-term fun and many challenges.

The routes of diverse length from 9 m to 12 m are waiting for you.

If you are a fan of boulder, circuits or climbing with guidance you can also find something for yourself. Moreover on the climbing gym you may train on the Campus or weightlift.


Children's Birthday

If you want to organize an unforgettable Birthday Party for your child take advantage of our offer.

We suggest two Birthday Party packages: BASIC and EXTENDED

Duration: 2 hours
Price: PLN 80-100/person. (at least 6 participants)

The parties are organized for children from 6 years old.



Take sport outfit and changeable footwear. Use over 30 belay equipment or try to prove yourself on bouldering. You will see if this sport is for you. The only cost is the entrance ticket (without time limit) and necessary equipment (if you need you can rent it at the centre).

If you do not need the supervision of the instructor- you don’t have to book the place. Nevertheless if you come to us for the first time or if it is your first time to be at the climbing centre generally, please talk to our staff. They will show you how to move freely around the facility, help you to put on the climbing harness or explain how to use the belay equipment safely. We are open everyday from 10.00 a.m. to 11.p.m.

Comfortable clothes and changeable footwear (as for the gym) are fair enough. If you forget about your shoes you can rent them at the centre.

There is no age limit if the child is under your supervision. The instructors cooperate with children from the age of 6, and the harness you can rent at the centre is suitable for children of the height of 120 cm and more.




The course of the basics of belay for adults
(I level of belay)

During climbing activities on auto belay you started thinking what are the routes with the ropes? You have already a climbing partner with whom you may develop your passion? In such situation join the basic course of belay (‘top rope climbing’)
The program of the course includes: 

  • learning how to put on the harness correctly,
  • tying double figure- eight knot,
  • learning of the top rope climbing,

Please call us to book a place: 506 554 690

The price of the course does not cover the cost of the single visit in the climbing centre which shall be paid additionally (according to the price list).

Price: PLN 90./person

The course of bottom belay for adults 
(II level of belay)

The duration of the course is 3 days (2 hour on each day) 
Advance booking is necessary. Please call +48 506 554 690

The price of the course does not cover the cost of the single visit in the climbing centre which shall be paid additionally (according to the price list). 

The program of the course includes :
  • preparing for climbing
  • learning to anchor
  • protection (position of belayer, running of rope, rope handing, catching falls- dynamic belay)  
  • overhand knot – locking off the rope in the belay device 

Price: PLN 290./person. - at least two participants





If I wasn't climbing, it's as if I wasn't there.

 A. Sułkowski

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